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The eXp 4000 belongs to the Earth Imager products which are our high end metal detectors and on the top of the range of FS-Future Series. They can represent graphically the underground and its buried object or included voids without using any additional computer. The detailed analysis on a computer is optionally possible. Because of the many optional components and specialized probes the metal detectors are extendable individually. So every customer can obtain the equipment and accessories which are needed for his individual prospecting needs.


The advanced technology of eXp 4000 allows ground measurements in brillant resolutions. The handling is absolutely easy, user friendly and possible without the need of a laptop on-site. The control unit of the eXp 4000 includes a high performing pc-module to calculate the measured data right away and displayed it immediately on the colored 6,4" TFT display. All scan images will be stored in the internal 128 MB memory and can be transfered at a later moment to a normal computer or laptop to evaluate and determine depth, size and position of targets with our professional software Visualizer 3D.


The metal detecting instrument eXp 4000 can be used to locate the following items: Metal objects like gold, silver, iron, copper and others (ferrous metals or precious and nonferrous metals) Voids like tunnels, rooms, grave chambers, tumulus and underground canalisation systems or bunker systems Water deposits under the ground So it can be used for the following purposes: Professional treasure hunting Archaeological work Metal detection Beach hunting and coin detection Relic hunting Detecting gold nuggets Cavity detection Historical research Underground survey Industrial


The lightweight and practicable equipment of the eXp 4000 is only one point that makes it a unique treasure hunting instrument. Every single probe was optimized for its own particular purpose. Probes like the Super sensor for high resolution scans, the antenna for tunnel detection for cavity detection, the Thermoscan for infrared measurements or the DDV system for discrimination between metals can be connected to the eXp 4000.


With a weight of only 1500g the eXp 4000 is ideal for fast searching an area. The integrated color monitor is also usable

for night searching. But also in the sunlight the display is very clear in contrast to a laptop.


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