About Us

About Us


After excessive amounts of hard work and dedication, we finally bring to you, our

virtual on-line shop SOS 24/7 MALL.

Our shop provides a verity of safety, survival, and outdoor equipment for the international market. 

Most of the displayed products are exported by SOS 24/7 MALL, and even some we produce ourselves. 

We cooperate with manufacturers from around the world including the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. 

Furthermore, we are well known suppliers within the leading institutes: Government, Security services, Embassy, Marketing organizations, and more. 

SOS 24/7 MALL applies to the wide public as well, who show interest in the safety, security, and survival products for outdoor and field trips. 

Our goal at SOS 24/7 MALL, is to assure all of our products are available at high quality and attractive prices.

With reliability and proficiency, we are at your service any time!!!